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Mom Jeans
Mom jeans are the reason I wake up in the morning. They go with every thing really-sweaters,crop tops,bralettes,band tees,vintage tees etc etc. Just tuck a band tee inside your mom jeans and voíla! A statement outfit is ready.

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Flare pants are so trending right now,they are the heart and soul of my wardrobe. They are cheaply available at some stores. Pair your flare pants with a tight- fitted tank top , balenciagas and boom you’re the retro chic.

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Overalls are so sweet and vintage too! These are available in coudroy too which looks totally awesome, and denim overalls are just as amazing. Overalls can be worn over vintage oversized sweaters, cropped tees or Daddy shirts but personally I think sweaters and shirts look more vintage.

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Oversized & Striped sweaters
Sweaters are so trendy this season. H&M has a really nice collection of sweaters in case any of you would like to buy them. Just so you know,they are like super cheap and they’re good in quality too. You could pair these sweaters with coudroy skirts,shorts, jeans or overalls.

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Checkered stuff
Checkered pants,Checkered coats and skirts are also really warm and equally vintage. You can find good vintage coats at thrift stores but for that matter Zara is also a good option. Pair these coats with black jeans and a white tee tucked and poofed.

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Daddy Jackets
Daddy jackets are basically oversized jackets. (fun fact-I don’t know what they’re actually called though but once I borrowed an oversized jacket from my dad and I’ve been calling it Daddy Jackets since then lol) So Oversized jackets are really vintage and give that really retro chic kinda vibe. In the 90s people wore colorful oversized jackets and windcheater but they arent easily available today but if you still find them, you’re so lucky. Pair the jackets with slim fit jeans or again skirts would do too. Even if you’re wearing a thin slip dress, just put on a jacket and drop it off of one shoulder.

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Vintage sunglasses have really driven into the fashion industries this year. They are mostly the funny looking ones. Like those white frame oval shaped sunglasses and circular frames are mainly included too.

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Here are some vintage collections that you might like,
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