Hey everybody!
I have just posted here, so you know that I'm writing 4 posts today. Excuse me, but I won't be doing an intro for all. Just gonna write the post. Sooooo...

Write about Two Memories

  • Watching Mamma Mia 2 with my Girl Squad
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So, I and my girlz decided to go to the movies and watch Mamma Mia. We bought snacks and drinks at the little shop and bring those into the film. We love Mamma Mia, so we sang out loud all of the songs. AND... we also danced a little sitting. We sang, laughed, danced so had an amazing day. It was our lucky day, that they didn't kick us out.
  • My previous Christmas in Class
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So.. We celebrate Christmas in our Class. We write down our names, and then it all comes to a hat and pick one piece of paper and then buy a present to that person. We did that, it was a fun time too but we played games as a class. It was so heartwarming. We laughed a lot on each other, and as it is for me I finally felt like we are a class. Together. It is such a nice memory of mine.

That was all. Soon,I will be back with the 3rd article today.