1. Nervous-The Neighbourhood
Temporarily removed beauty, earrings, and lips image
2. My Blood-Twenty One Pilots
Lyrics, my blood, and twenty one pilots image model, hadid, and red image
3. Next to Me- Imagine Dragons
b&w, black and white, and Lyrics image purple, 420, and aesthetic image
4. My Kind of Woman-Mac DeMarco
Temporarily removed Mature image
5. Snow-Red Hot Chili Peppers
quote, rhcp, and snow image snow, hand, and winter image
6.Ooh La- The kooks
blues, indie, and letters image brunette, model, and P image red, girl, and light image red, couple, and grunge image
7. Surfin' USA-The Beach Boys
surf, summer, and ocean image girl, summer, and sky image
8. Chlorine-Twenty One Pilots
Temporarily removed kpop, lisa, and blackpink image
9. This is Me-Keala Settle
this is me image gif, zendaya, and the greatest showman image
10. Natural-Imagine Dragons
Abusive image Temporarily removed