Hey everybody!
Sorry, I didn't post 2,3 of the Writing Challange in the right time, but today I will do all of them. So 4 post are planned for today. Let's begin with the first one:

Make a list of five things that make you happy

  • 1. Understanding Math or Chemistry:
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I have always had a hard time when it comes to math or chemistry(and physique). I'm a slow learner, I really need time to understand a specific subject, but from then I get good grades and feel confident about them.
  • 2.Meet with a friend, who I have seen a long time ago
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School takes a lot of my time away, so It is not a surprise that I have friends, who I can meet rarely. We talk through via Messenger a lot, but It's not the same obviously. So meeting with them after a long time makes me really happy.
  • 3.When my makeup turns out really good
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As you all know it, I do my makeup daily in the mornings. Sometimes, It is not as fascinating as I want to be it. So, when it comes out the same way, as I imagined it, I get in an amazing mood.
  • 4.Buying something cute
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In the past,I hated shopping, honestly. But it totally changed, and I love it so much these days. Buying something cute(for example two days ago a new set of rings) can absolutely bring up my mood. And of course, sometimes I go and hard-shop everything that comes into my way.
  • 5.Crossing everything out in my To-do-List
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For me, being organized is a big chunk of my daily routine. I do to-do-list every day and write down everything. I have a bunch of things on it all-the-time. So, when I can cross out all of them I am extremely happy, about my day.

That was it. 5 little things that make me happy through a day. I hope you enjoyed it. I will be back with the 3rd one in a short time.