hey beauties! today’s article consists of 14 hacks to make doing homework easier! thank you x

› have a sweet trail
when you read your text book, put a peice of food at the end of each paragraph so you get a reward every time

› hardest before easiest
do the most hardest homework first or the the homework that will take the longest so you get it done and out of the way

› eat something to remind you
chew gum when you revise and when you have a test, chew the same gum to help refresh your memory. or you could eat the same breakfast when you revise and on the test day.

› change your clothes
change into comfort clothes so you feel like you want to do your homework. however don't put on your pyjamas as you may want to fall asleep

› clean your desk
clean away any clutter you have on your desk so you have a space to do your homework

› use a planner
use a planner to keep tract of any homework or tests you have. this will keep you organised with your school and social life.

› use flashcards

if you are trying to study for a test, use flash cards or make mindmaps. you can take flash cards anywhere and study then if you didn't have time.

› record yourself or your teacher
record yourself reading aloud the information you need and listen to it on your way to school.

› take breaks
make sure to take small breaks in between your study sessions to get some food or watch a small video. don't spend to long having a break

› listen to different music
listen to classical music. listening to music you know so your aren't tempted sing along and you will have no time to do your homework

› prioritise deadlines
make sure to prioritise deadlines and do homework that's due earlier so you don't have to do it the day before it is due

› copy notes to a computer easier
when writing a paper on a computer, clip notes onto the side of your computer so you a look back at anything at all times

› best time to study
the best times to study or do your homework are between 4am and 7:30am. these times are when you are more awake and when your brain focuses more

› use wordhippo
use wordhippo to find synonyms or antonyms for different words. this website can be helpful when you write an essay as you can find better words

helpful website to use