okay so, omg i know this one looks sooo ratchet, but i really have nooo time. lots of things are going on, and i'm sure y'all feel the same way bcz of school oof. anyways, i hope everyone had a greaaat halloween!!!
anyways, these are some of the songs i listened to this month:

okay - justice carradine

justice carradine, boy, and glasses image

cataleya - jireel

outrunning karma - alec benjamin

music, songwriter, and benjamin image

talking body (rendition) - somo

thnkustill - dysn

black and white, Tattoos, and dyson image

plan b - sval

circles - eden

Image removed

dil mein chupa loonga - amraan malik

somebody else - the 1975

black and white, emo, and indie image

blondiner & brunetter - ICEKIID

qismat - b praak

playtime - khalil feat. justin bieber

bad boy, beautiful, and believe image

this isn't a single, doesn't have a title - dysn

take care (medley) - somo

babe, bae, and black and white image

kiss and make up - dua lipa & blackpink

taki taki - dj snake feat. cardi b, selena gomez & ozuna

Image removed

casablanca - ezzari

idol - bts

bts, kim namjoon, and kim taehyung image

alene - arif

mirrors - justin timberlake

black and white, gif, and justin timberlake image