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I do not think there's a man who has not heard of the series yet. I joined some enthusiastic fans a couple of years ago, waiting for the new parts to sit together with me. I can not understand the people who say this miracle is bad.

Well, let's get into the Supernatural TAG article.

✡ Favorite Winchester?

supernatural and dean winchester image dean winchester and supernatural image supernatural, Jensen Ackles, and dean winchester image cat, dean winchester, and supernatural image
Definitely Dean Winchester. Dean is my love.

✡ Favorite Angel?

supernatural, castiel, and misha collins image Mature image wallpaper, misha collins, and supernatural image actor, angel, and gif image
Castiel is the sweetest character in the whole series.

✡ Favorite Male Character? (besides Sam and Dean)

supernatural, spn, and jim beaver image bobby, gif, and singer image
bobby, gif, and supernatural image
I cried a lot when she died in Season 7. But thank God returned to the series.

✡ Favorite Female Character?

supernatural, woman, and kim rhodes image donna, spn, and jody mills image charlie, dean winchester, and charlie bradbury image supernatural, Felicia Day, and charlie bradbury image
Jody Mills and Charlie Bradbury.

✡ Least Favorite Male Character?

spn, cass, and angels image
Zachariah. Omg, i hate him.

✡ Least Favorite Female Character?

gif, supernatural, and mary winchester image
Mary Winchester. Do not hate me, but it's unsystematic for me.

✡ Favorite Villain?

crowley, supernatural, and mark sheppard image black and white, hell, and Hot image crowley, demon, and hell image crowley, demon, and gif image
Of course Crowley. I'm so missing.:(

✡ Best Season?

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Season 9. Dean dies, then becomes a demon; Metatron's Fall; omg was so exciting.

✡ Favorite hunter? (besides Sam and Dean)

bobby singer image spn, amo, and sobrenatural image bobby, friendship, and rufus image gif, supernatural, and season 11 image
Rufus Turner. I just loved it.

✡ Favorite object?

Mature image Image removed supernatural, impala, and dean winchester image supernatural, jared padalecki, and Jensen Ackles image
Angel blade. I need. And of course Impala.

✡ Favorite monster?

dean winchester, Jensen Ackles, and supernatural image

✡ Favorite quote?

supernatural, bitch, and jerk image
Mature image
Dean: "Bitch" Sam: "Jerk"

✡ Something that should happen?

dean, hug, and destiel image supernatural, castiel, and dean image supernatural, Jensen Ackles, and misha collins image castiel, dean, and supernatural image