❣ Hello all! ❣

In this article I'm going to talk about my current piercings, the piercings I like or find attractive or maybe would get in the future.

I'm 26 and I got my last two piercings in the past last year, so there's no age limit for this, I'd probably get new ones even in my 30s.

It's not about your age, it's about your own perceptions, style and what you like. Now enough of sentimental sh*t and let's go to the topic. 😁

✘ Piercings I have ✘

1.Lobes - that's a classic and I got them maybe when I was 1 year old. In my country it's normal to get lobe piercings at this age for girls, so they can wear earrings.
2.One second lobe - I got this one when I was 14.

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3.Nostril - I got this piercings when I was 16 and I've been having it until now. (yes, it's 10 years! 😁 ) I've never been actually thinking about taking any of my piercings out.

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4.Septum piercing - this was my most painful one. But it wasn't the piercing itself that hurt, but the finding the sweet spot with clamps. And the healing process on 3-4th day was really awful as well. But it healed perfectly and I love it.

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I personally really like the combination of septum + nostril piercing. It doesn't matter if it's horseshoe with nose ring/stud, or clicker, but I think simple septum ring suits me way better than horseshoe and for my nostril I change simple nose ring or simple stud.

5.Micro dermal piercing under eye - this is my latest piercing and I'm in love. 😍 The process was so quick and easy and healing was perfection too, it did not hurt at all. Micro dermal piercings are well known for their rejection, but it happens mostly on other parts on a body rather than face.

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✘ Piercings I like/would get in the future ✘

1. Medusa piercing - I almost got this one instead of micro dermal. The only thing I hesitate about is my combo of my nose piercings with medusa one and I'm not sure if it's not over a top.
Let me know in message if you think it looks good to have septum + nostril piercing with medusa. 😜

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2.Tongue piercing - this is probably a 'classical' type of piercing as well. I really love it and it probably heels very fast as far as it's piercing in the muscle and not through the skin. I love that tongue piercing appears mostly when someone fully laughs and it's not visible all the time.

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3.Snake bites - my favorite type of 'double' lip piercing. I would probably not get this one but I love the look and it's so hot on guys especially.

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4. Vertical labret - omg! How this one perfectly goes with a lipstick. Love it! 😍 The one problem I see with this piercing is that my lip is probably not so big for this type and I'd be really unhappy if I could not wear lipsticks while healing process. 😅

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5. More second or third lobe piercings - I would like to have second lobes on my another ear and I'd maybe get third lobes on both ears as well.

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6. Dimple piercings - I really like these, but would not get them, because the scarring tissue is really bad here and they look good on a very few amount of people imo.

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7. Collarbone piercings - they look really effin' awesome in my view, but I'd fear of rejection and I think they never last on someone's body for too long.

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Okaaay, so that'd be everything from me to this topic. I enjoy writing articles about body mods so much! 😁

Take a look on my instagram, if you're interested how my piercings look like:


Thank you very much for reading! ❤❤❤

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