I know a lot of you love to travel (like me) and are currently dreaming of traveling. Christmas and holidays are coming and it's a really good time to travel somewhere. Planning your destination is not the easiest thing, as there are lots of things you need to consider and many places you want to visit. Here are my few tips for finding the best destination for you.

#1 Think of your budget

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This is one of the most important parts. You must know how much money you are willing to spend. There are a lot of countries that are expensive, but you can also choose cheaper ones. Even if the flights are cheap, you should always check how much the prices for hotels, food, transportation etc differs from your own country.

#2 Think of your own interests

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Have you always wanted to visit Paris? Or Tokyo? If you have the money and everything fits, go for it. If you have to settle for something you don't like, you shouldn't go for it. If it's impossible to go somewhere you've always dreamed to go to, maybe you could just save money and go there in the future.

#3 Going to a city or a beach?

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If you'd love to just swim and enjoy the sun - go for it! If you're more interested in culture and sightseeing, maybe you should go for a city.

#4 Plan early

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You'll find the cheapest flights and hotels when you look for them early. This doesn't mean few weeks ahead, it means few months before. Take notes on what you need to know before going to these countries, i.e visas, currency, local habits.

#5 Find the best sites for accommodation and flights

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There are many different sites to find flights and hotels. In my opinion, Skyscanner is the best one. You can find cheap flights from different airlines. You also don't have to choose where you want to go to, it'll show you different options by price when you choose "to everywhere". For hotels and other accommodation, I think booking.com or trivago are the best ones. I don't think it's possible that you haven't heard of those.

#6 Think of your preferences

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If you absolutely hate hot weather, you shouldn't go to a country that is warm at the time of your travels. Also if you hate winter and cold, don't decide on a country like that. Try to find what weather/climate is the best for you!

That's it! I hope these few tips help you out on deciding the best country/city for you! Have fun traveling.