Water glass in stock. She applied flawless makeup. Blond wavy hair developed a hair dryer. She is wearing a perfect angel dress. She looked like a sweet, nice girl ...

- Today you will go by bus or you will wait for me for an hour. Today cheerleading training.
- Good

She easily flew out of the car and immediately went to her friends.

- Girls! What are we discussing?
- Chase has a party in honor of the new school year.
- Are you coming?
- Of course

Sabrina and Morgan. Two best friends. Once, Courtney was also having fun with us, and Ella and the guys. But, now it is not. And only they stayed with me. Morgan - self-assured, snow queen (as she was nicknamed). She has long straight dark hair, blue eyes, tall, thin. Bryna is a sunny girl, honey. She has wavy red hair, green eyes, of medium height.

During dinner, she tried to take time off to a party.
- No
- But mom, it's Chase himself. You know I like him from the sixth grade.
- I'm sorry but no. This is your first day of school after the holidays.
- Dad ...
- You heard your mom.
- Mom
- Sorry, maybe next time?

 And so, when she tried to get out of the window, Courtney found herself in a bad place.

Fortunately, her sister did not care, she safely got out of the window and ran to meet adventures, or in other words, to Morgan's car.

- Ready?
- I'm always ready