Stage one:

Select one bit of development paper to be the inward shade of your lantern. Cut a 1-inch peel off the short side of this bit of paper. This strip will turn into the lantern's handle.

Stage two:

Overlap a similar bit of paper into equal parts the long way, similar to a frank bun!

Stage three:

Cut strips from the collapsed side around an inch wide. Your cuts should prevent 2 crawls from the end, leaving a whole fringe. You should wind up with around 10-12 strips.

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Stage four:

Rehash stages 2 and 3 with your second bit of paper.

Stage five:

Unfurl the two bits of development paper and place them on a level plane before you. Presently the time has come to staple!

Stage six:

Roll the principal bit of paper into a tube, with the collapsed end looking towards you. Cover the long edges around an inch and secure the closures with your stapler.

Stage seven:

Rehash with the second bit of paper. Ensure that your external lantern is somewhat bigger than your inward lantern.

Stage eight:

At last, slip one lantern inside the other! Ensure that the openings are marginally balanced with the goal that you can see the two hues.

Stage nine:

Take the piece of paper your beforehand cut; it's an ideal opportunity to append the handle. Staple one end of the idea about the highest point of your lantern, and rehash by stapling the opposite side on the opposite end. You can staple the idea about within or outside of you lantern, contingent on your inclination.

Stage ten:

Your lantern is prepared for hanging!