These are some of the movies that I personally think are about awesome women....

1. Kill Bill 1 and 2

kill bill, uma thurman, and movie image
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2. Hanna

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hanna and Saoirse Ronan image hanna image


Scarlett Johansson, cry, and Lucy image

4.Charlie's angels

charlie's angels, cameron diaz, and drew barrymore image
cameron diaz, charlie's angels, and movie image 50s, aesthetic, and alternative image

5.3 Days to Kill

amber heard, actress, and vivi delay image
gif and 3 days to kill image
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6.Legally Blonde

90s, legally blonde, and motivation image
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7.Girl, Interrupted

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Angelina Jolie, girl interrupted, and quotes image


hell, quotes, and grunge image
Image removed Heathers, winona ryder, and 80s image idgaf, fakefriends, and fuck fake friends image


jawbreaker, quotes, and satan image
bitch, quotes, and life image jawbreaker, Rose McGowan, and julie benz image

10.Ocean's 8

movie, ocean's 8, and rihanna image
badass, cate blanchett, and couple image

11.Miss Congeniality 1 and 2

sandra bullock, funny, and miss congeniality image
movie, sandra bullock, and miss congeniality image 2000, sandra bullock, and miss congeniality image

I Hope you liked it... xoxo