All of couples here are from book, tv series and movies.

10. Karamel (Supergirl)

Kara Zor-El and Mon El
I know a lot of people doesn't really like them but look at them. they're cute plus they dating in real life!

DC, kara, and Supergirl image melissa benoist, karamel, and chris wood image goals, Supergirl, and karamel image goals, Supergirl, and karamel image
That woman is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She makes me want to be a better man. — Mon El about Kara

9. Steroline (The Vampire Diaries)

Caroline Forbes and Stefan Salvatore
Ahh I'm still sad everytime I think about them. They just married for hours and then he's gone. I NEED MORE OF THEM!

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What kind of stupid question is that? Why did I have a thing for you? I don't know, maybe it's because you were worth having a thing for. Because you were practically my best friend, because I trusted you. — Caroline Forbes

8. Spoby (Pretty Little Liars)

Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh
I need a spoby ending! I mean at least the writer can make us see they're getting back together

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Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I've ever done. — Toby Cavanaugh

7. Leyton (One Tree Hill)

Peyton Sawyer and Lucas Scott
This couple was the one that make me watch OTH. I don't know I just love them and I know a lot of people hate them and I don't like what they did to Broke in season 1 but I love them completely in season 6, wish they're in season 7-9 or at least at the series finale.

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Hey Peyton! It's you. When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me it's you. It's you Peyton. — Lucas Scott

#6. Rucas (Girl Meets World)

Riley Matthews and Lucas Friar
a lot of people prefer Lucaya but I don't know Rucas always had a charm that makes me love them

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It means you Riley, I choose you and I really want you to choose me. — Lucas Friar

5. Troyella (High School Musical)

Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton
This couple used to be my number 1. I mean it's everyone childhood ships right? and come on it's Zac Efron we're talking about

high school musical, zac efron, and vanessa hudgens image Temporarily removed vanessa hudgens, zac efron, and zanessa image vanessa hudgens and zac efron image
My prom is wherever you are. — Troy Bolton

4. Clace (The Mortal Instruments)

Clary Fray and Jace Wayland
I LOVE THEM in all of adaptions in the movies, the series (Shadowhunters), and even in love with them in the book series.

lily collins, the mortal instruments, and jace image shadowhunters, katherine mcnamara, and dominic sherwood image Inspiring Image on We Heart It jace, clary, and clace image
I love you Jace Wayland-Herondale-Lightwood-whatever you want to call yourself. I don't care. I love you and I will always love you, and pretending it would be any other way is just a waste of time. — Clary Fray

3. Captain Swan (Once Upon A Time)

Emma Swan and Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones
This couple was the one that makes me watch OUAT. He was a villain and wanna be better because of her and she went to hell for him. AND THEY GOT THEIR HAPPY BEGINNING THEY DESERVED

once upon a time, emma swan, and captain swan image once upon a time, emma swan, and captain swan image Temporarily removed Image removed
Because everyone I've ever been with is dead. Neal, Graham, even Walsh. I lost everyone. I can't lose you too. — Emma Swan

2. Percabeth (Percy Jackson & Olympians Series)

Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson
I fell in love with them since the first time they met. I'm kinda obsessed actually. The way Rick Riordan write them really makes me feel like I'm a part of the stories and watch them grow up. Definitely worth reading but the movie is kinda meh even though Logan Lerman done quite well portraying Percy just as I imagined he would be.

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Good luck, Seaweed Brain. Just come back to me, okay? — Annabeth Chase

1. Stydia (Teen Wolf)

Lydia Martin and Mieczyslaw 'Stiles' Stilinski
The slow burn really making me nervous and I love their friendship and adore them but I really love when they admit their feeling for each other. I'm kinda sad because I really want to see them as a couple is season 6B but yeah at leat we get the endgame! STYDIA IS ENDGAME!!!!

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I can't choose, there's so many good moments for them. Because they'remy number 1, I put more pictures of them.
They saved my life, Mom. Stiles saved me. — Lydia Martin about Stiles

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