rex orange county - loving is easy

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so lovin is easy, you had me fucked up

i went to the botanical gardens last week and put this song on when we were walking through the sunflowers, and MOOD??? its such a lovely relaxing song 10/10 recommend looking at nature while listening to it. i love rex

shinee - jump

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rollercoaster, i jump on you, jump on you

OOOO this song has SUCH a retro 70s disco vibe! whenever i listen to it i feel so nostalgic, but not the sad nostalgia, the breezy, funky kind of nostalgia. dont know what i mean? listen to the song! shinee i <3 u
p.s.a: jump sounds the best on a sunny no-cloud blue sky day!

sivik - high

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whisper, say my name

such a sensual, breathy song, all i can picture is intimacy when i listen to it. THE GOLDEN HOUR.

the neighbourhood - void

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i wonder how i got by this week, i only touched you once

sad songs anybody? void is so emotional and sad, its honestly just a masterpiece though. i lay in bed on rainy days and close my eyes and listen to this song and honestly it gets me thinking about a lot of things. A GOOD SONG!

loona yyxy - rendezvous 18.6y

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let's stay on the moon, oh, on the way back there, oh

NOSTALGIA!! this song is so lush and so soft and it really gets good in the chorus where you really start to feel the vibe the song has. its sweet, its youthful, its longing, its retro. NOSTALGIA! i love this song and i love loona!

dbangz - thick niggas and anime tiddies

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"yes, you've reached thick niggas incorporated, how may i direct your call?" i need me a thick nigga, but no homo though, cause thats that gay shit... as long as i say no homo its not gay right? "thats absolutely right, sir!"

im really having a field day with this one. go listen to dbangz a.k.a lil cumstain on itunes, soundcloud spotify and all the other shits. amazon prime.

sufjan stevens - mystery of love

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oh, to see without my eyes, the first time that you kissed me

perhaps call me by your name had the best soundtrack of 2017? this song is so lovely and sad and beautiful and haunting, much like the film. listening to this song is like experiencing love and heartbreak at the same time. everybody say "thank you, sufjan stevens"
p.s.a: mystery of love sounds better after you've watched call me by your name. but its still beautiful nevertheless.

brockhampton - rental

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throw me in the fire baby ill survive

this is one of brockhampton's more vocal songs, and i love it. its melodic and relaxing, i play this when im alone with my earbuds on the train, in the car or walking somewhere. its a song for early mornings and rainy days.

lorde - homemade dynamite (remix) ft. khalid, sza, post malone

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our rules, our dreams, we're blind

a warm, upbeat BOP! neon lights, house parties, a good time. this is the kind of song you roam the streets drunk to with your friends, late at night. i prefer this version over the original because khalid, sza, and post malone's voices really add something special to the song, and gives it a whole new feel. plus, i love the way post says "you know i think you're awesome, right?"

wonder girls - why so lonely

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baby, why i'm so lonely?

why so lonely is a retro reggae summer BOP that personifies the word "vintage". i love it. the song has a classy 80s-90s vibe that makes me feel like im out for a drive with my girls on a sunny 1983 afternoon. dont yall love it when you feel nostalgia for an era that you weren't even alive in?

ANYWAYS that took me a long time to write ha ha stan loona

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