November is the last month of school and I'm sure that by now, the energy you had in the first weeks of school to look stylish is gone - I get it, you don't really care about what you wear, you just want school to close already for the holidays.

But this article is going to bring back the excitement you had on the first day of school about dressing up by showing you amazing fall inspired outfit ideas that you won't resist rocking to school:

Outfit #1:

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Keep your outfit simple and on-trend by styling a sweater dress with chunky sneakers. You can put your hair in a bun to go with the laid back vibe of your outfit.

Outfit #2:

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If you're not a fan of bold colours - I got you, girl. This second outfit is a nice edgy black monochromatic look that will make you look like a bad a** - and have everybody in the hallways turning their heads.

Outfit #3:

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Outfit three is modern, chic and minimal. The neutral colour palette of this look make the outfit look fresh and clean. If you want to achieve this sophisticated look: pair a spaghetti top and jeans with a grey knit cardigan, white ankle boots and a grey satchel bagpack. Be sure to keep the

Outfit #4:

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Look ultra nerdy and cute by pairing a sweater with a plaid dungaree dress. Throw on comfy white sneakers to complete this look.

Outfit #5:

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Have fun with prints by wearing a gingham dungaree - layer on a basic white sweater to keep all the attention on the gingham. Accessorise with a black bakerboy hat to enhance the look of your outfit. Finish off with vans old skool sneakers because you can't go wrong with a pair vans to create a trendy look.

Outfit #6:

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Don't just wear the typical sweater and jeans combo, add cool vibes to your look by layering on a biker jacket to take your outfit to a whole new level. Finish of with black ankle boots to add more eddy vibes to this classy Fall look.

That's all for today, loves! I hope this lookbook has inspired you to slay on these last few weeks of school! Follow me for more fashion articles, see you soon!♡


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