‘i don’t care what you say. gonna do what i want all day'

c l a r e n c e

Image by Elisa Christini Image removed cereal, colorful, and food image Image by L A U R A
hangs in his treehouse with friends, life of the party & class clown

s u m o

13 reasons why and miles heizer image Temporarily removed aesthetic, alternative, and burger image detective, files, and file cabinet image
always late to class, cheats on every test & still eats rough riders chicken for lunch

c h e l s e a

girl and beauty image aesthetic, braces, and stars image locker, school, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
introvert, goody two shoes & still has braces even though shes had them for years

j e f f

Temporarily removed blue, plants, and aesthetic image food, aesthetic, and breakfast image book and reading image
smarter than all his classmates and teachers, runs a plant club & tries to be a trendy hipster

b e l s o n

boy and smile image game, retro, and vintage image Temporarily removed aesthetic, dark, and tech image
still a gamer kid, eats pizza for every meal & head of the media club

thank you. x