So exactly one year ago, I decided to cut my hair. For multiple reasons.
First of all, it was after the breakup with my first love. Maybe it can sounds cliché but I needed to move on after that kind of psychological trauma. I felt like that was what I needed.

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My boyfriend never wanted me to cut my hair because he was used to the long blonde hair I had.
I always used to be the long blonde haired girl, the kind of girl that is really angelic and do whatever she wants to please her parents. I was that girl. Everybody says that look doesn't have anything related to personality. I think it does. I think that the way you dress and the way you decide of what you want to look like shows who you are.
Cutting my hair was a strong symbol.

I wasn't only the long angelic blonde haired girl. I could be another girl. I could change my style. I could just begin again in fact. I could decide who I was. It was powerful.

I don't think that it was really the best haircut I ever had. But something in my mind clicked. Something was suddenly more clear. I didn't want to stay the same person all my life. I was curious about discovering about myself. I was thirsty of experimenting while keeping my values.

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Cutting my hair made me leaving my comfort zone. I felt like I kind of lose a part of my confidence. But when I regained it, I felt even more confident than ever.

Cutting my hair meant that I didn't want to do anything to please anyone. I don't want to fit into society's expectations anymore. I want to do whatever please myself. It could mean having short or long hair, I don't care.

Experimenting is fun. I could wear things I wouldn't usually wear, like a leather jacket or like hoops earrings. My style changed and it was like living a new life. I loved who I was. I was a good girl. I am still a good girl. I have always had good grades and I was an elite sportswoman. I have always had some rigor and consistency in my life. I was determined and I knew how much I could give to get what I want. My life has always been secure: being perfect to be accepted and to be sure to succeed. Now that I was secure, I could go out of my comfort zone.

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I have never learned in my entire life than in that year. Not only because of my new haircut of course. But I think that my haircut led to a new positive mind. I am so much more open-minded. This comes from how curious you are about you, which leads to how much curious you are about life.

I decided that year that I wanted my life to be an eternal new beginning. I want to dare in my life. I want to be fearless to go on an adventure and to follow what my gut wants. I don't want to restrain myself. I want to fully explore what I am capable of. I want to challenge myself.

I know that going out of your comfort zone can be scary. And there will be times when you will regret what you have done. But in the end, you will never regret that.

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