Hello loves! I can't describe the feeling that I have at this exact moment, but the only word that actually comes to my mind is excited. I have been wanting to start a youtube channel for quite some time and over the last couple of weeks, I have just been working on plans for this upcoming channel that I have created. I would really appreciate it if those who clicked on this article and took the time to actually read it would subscribe to my channel. I don't have anything uploaded just yet but I will be posting my first video very soon! I have a really exciting and good feeling about this so please subscribe and any small youtuber's who are just starting out like me please message me and I will subscribe to you! We can help each other get our channels up and running! ♥

channel link; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyjvEB_Cz1RcT_8ceuK3DgA?view_as=subscriber