Make November your month.

Day 1: Clean out the Halloween decorations

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Day 2: Finish all your homework so you can have a relaxing weekend!

Day 3: Go out with friends

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Day 4: Go to sleep early!

Day 5: No junk food or soda

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Day 6: Go out for a walk

Day 7: Read a book

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Day 8: No social media for a day

Day 9: Workout

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Day 10: Put on some music and dance in your room!

Day 11: Explore your town

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Day 12: Paint/take care of your nails

Day 13: Meditate

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Day 14: Be extra kind to others

Day 15: Don't use heat or gel on your hair-be natural!

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Day 16: Try some yoga

Day 17: Use a face mask

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Day 18: Sleep in!

Day 19: Spend some time with your family

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Day 20: Write down your feelings in a journal

Day 21: Make a healthy meal

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Day 22: Declutter your phone

Day 23: Clean your room

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Day 24: Watch some funny YouTube videos or vines

Day 25: Go shopping

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Day 26: Put up a Christmas tree with your family!

Day 27: Don't use any makeup

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Day 28: Write down 5 things you are grateful for

Day 29: Take a relaxing bath

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Day 30: Drink 7 cups of water

Let me know if you followed this calendar! This article is directly inspired by