heeey, i found those tips/habits you should do to maintain healthy hair!
enjoy it.

✧ get it wet less often
getting your hair wet swells your hair from the inside and forces the cuticle up. when this happens over and over again, it causes frizz and breakage.

✧use a pre-shampoo
using pre-shampoo can smooth out the hair’s cuticle before it gets wet to protect edges of your hair from fraying due to the friction from massaging in shampoo.

✧ buy a good shampoo
instead of worrying about sulfates, look for shampoos that say “damage-repairing” or ones that have proteins that strengthen hair.

✧ use old shirts to dry your hair
old cotton shirts don’t rough up the hair as much as regular everyday towels.

✧ cool your hair
if your hair still feels hot after you blow dry it, that means it’s still frying, so, put your hair dryer on the cold setting and blast your hair with the cool hair.

✧ do weekly scalp treatments
scalp treatments every week can clean the closer to hair follicle and can clean the hair follicle better than regular shampoos.

✧ use heat protectant spray
heat tools such as flatirons, blow-dryers, and curling irons are extremely damaging to your hair, and using a heat protectant spray before use the heat tools just so that your hair doesn’t feel the burn from the tools.

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