... motivation. To survive Sunday that has to be spent studying.

Plan. NOW

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-Even better- make some plans for this month-

Do. Not. Forget. Breakfast. Tea. Or. Coffee.

Always go for something healthier that would burst your mood and energy early morning. Also, try making pauses that include vocal plate or juices.

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  • turn off that phone
  • find some inspiration in quotes or "real-life-examples"
  • try pomodoro technique
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Quote that forks for me:,, I've got a dream that's more worth than my sleep."- Eric Thomas


Make sure to find at least an hour or more, even better, to do stuff that completely relaxes you. For me it is being with my sweetheart, or finding cute outfits for the next day or an event sounds perfect, or some asmr, drinking tea (of course), watching make up vids and others... Whatever it is, make sure to find some time to do it. Just. For. You.

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Have an amazing Sunday!

Hope you like this, since it's my first article and I wanted to start writing for a while. Thanks, lots of love,