We human can`t judge because the heart wants what it wants. ~Andjeli. R

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Felt like forbidden love, despite many people knew it us. In life there is not much to decide, so not who your heart loves.

Many people weren`t happy for us. This had no affect on my thoughts about you. You are the nicest and caring person I have met and who I missed years in my life. After all those beautiful times, the people who didn`t happy for us got their way. The time I had to break a boy's heart for the first time had arrived. I`m not this type of girl, I know that I gonna miss you from the bottom of my heart. Had to do this to get myself back, and I will regret it for years, but know that this wasn`t my intention.

God don`t want us together for longer. Maybe with difficulty I may get you out my thoughts, but not from my heart.

- Andjeli