Name: Jaqueline DeMartel

Birthdate: April 21, 1944

Birthplace: Avignon, France


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Jaqueline was born in Avignon, France to an African American maid named Celestine Delacour and a French nobleman named Alexander DeMartel. Jaqueline's parents loved her and each other very much but they had to keep her and their love for each other a secret. To keep themselves safe, Celestine and Jaqueline fled France while Jaqueline was still an infant and came to America. They came to Chicago, Illinois in June of 1944 and that's where Jaqueline grew up. In 1965, Jaqueline was killed in an alleyway by a gang in her hometown who opposed "colored folk". While she lay bleeding alone in the alley a strange figure approached her and fed her a liquid from their wrist. Jaqueline woke up the next day feeling more alive than ever. She eventually figured out what happened to her, but never figured out who it was who saved her. She tried to return to her mother after she was turned but her mother resented what she had become and never wanted to see her again. Since then, she has lived on her own in Los Angeles.


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curly black hair, green eyes, light brown skin, tall, petite curvy body, and fangs


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she is very manipulative and has bad anger issues. she is bi-polar and often spirals out of control because of it. she doesn't like to keep people close and humans are play things for her. she absolutely hates racists and has soft spot for children. deep down she is a damaged soul and is hurt because of her mother's resentment and the fact that she never knew her father.


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her lifestyle is mainly partying, drugs and having sex with guy and girls and killing people and draining them of her blood. she has a lot of money so she lives in a huge mansion with 6 cars and the closet of her dreams. she moves around a lot so that people don't catch on to the fact that she never ages.


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she likes to wearing tight fitting, revealing clothes, heels and sparkly jewelry. she always has her nails done and her outfits always coordinate.

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