Winter is finally coming! I've been posting everything about Fall but I am in the holiday spirit now. My winter seasonal posts are coming now so don't be surprised. I love everything in Winter, from Christmas songs, New Years countdown, to my to my birthday. Snowflakes, warm drinks near the frosty windows, turning the fireplace on, taking the first step in an untouched snow covered place, and how it's socially acceptable to stay inside all day. I don't see how any one can't love this season.

Too many people complain about it being to cold. But think about how you can warm up in so many ways, like fire, layers, and blankets but the only way to cool down in the summer is to swim. Just the feelings and vibes of Winter are enough. If you're not in the spirit than hopefully you will be after this article.

1. The child

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This person never loses their holiday spirit. They are always counting down the days until winter. They'll be the first to go out in the snow, try to believe in santa clause, and always try to do and get everyone in the holiday spirit. People admire how much they love this time of year.

2. The one who tries do everything

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Someone who makes a bucket list right before winter. When they wrap gifts they do it so neatly, always getting the best thing for the right person, probably ending up making people feel guilty like they gave lousy presents. They are always bossing people around, trying to make the perfect season for everyone.

3. The hater

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Haters hate winter. Winter is the time they complain about snow and sleep in or just sit in unmade beds. The only thing they'll do is drink hot chocolate.

4. The sweater weather person

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They love going out in the snow when it is night time. At day they read by the window for hours with comfy sweaters. Probably up for a photoshoot to show off their new winter outfits.

5. The athlete

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Always either up at the mountain or iceskating rink. Also in sport outfits.
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That is my five types of people during the winter. I am probably the child mixed with the sweater weather person. Hope you liked it and see you in the next article:)

, xoxo Katherine