I am Keila, I am on my second year of college and it can be very stressfull to deal with so much activities, responsability, tests and all the things that envolve a life at college, so I decided to post this article to show you guys how I start to deal with all those hard days without freaking out... I hope you like it :p

1. Don't compare yourself to others
That's such an important topic because that happens a lot on college and that shit just make people feel worse about themselves, it's important that we all know that each one of us have our unique way to study, learn and memorize, so the best thing we can do is to know ourselves, discover how is our best way to learn and keep it practising.

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2. Do exercise
Try to convert the frustation of the classes into body improvemental like dancing, running, playing the college's team, swimming or surffing. All those activities will raise your well been.

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3. Take a night off
That's is huge! So imporant and I understand if sometimes we don't allow ourselves to do it, but actually getting out, discover new things and people can be really good to our body and mind.

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4. Get close to people that make you feel good
People can be toxic and sometimes we don't have the guts to say for them that they are like this, so it's important that when you realize that you have a person like that next to you, stay away as possible.

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So guys, those are the topics for today, I am really happy to complete mine first article and I hope that it helps you! See you soon :p xoxo