Hello loves! How are you all?

Today I have a different type of article planned, it's a list of some of my Spotify playlists. I've been making these for a while and I'm always adding more songs to them, so they're never complete.

Let's begin!

Spotify Playlists

Soft and Slightly Sad ☁️

This playlist has a variety of calm songs, some of them a bit sad like the title suggests:


lana del rey, heart, and ldr image break up, indie, and letters image

Black Hole ☔️

This one is the playlist I listen to in those truly sad days when nothing seems to go right:


lost, sad, and quotes image distance, quotes, and leaving image

Feelin' Myself 💅🏻

As the title says, with this playlist I begin to feel like a bad bish and overall good with myself. It consists mostly of pop songs but I 100% recommend:


rihanna, beauty, and riri image quotes, love, and text image

Love Sick 💕

This playlist is filled with love songs the make my heart burst with joy! And of course, it has some childhood hits to make it extra:


Image removed yes. image

Christmas 🎄

Well, it's November, so it's Christmas! I've already begun my Christmas playlist to get in the jolly spirit:


Image removed Image removed

These are the playlist I've been working on, and once again, they are not finished because there's so many songs to discover and songs I know but forgot to had.

I hope you enjoy these!

that's all for now... thanks for reading

Love, Bia