Hey, everyone! So I thought I would like to share what cities I want to visit. I am not able to travel as much as I would like because of money so at least I can make a wishlist!


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New York... The city of endless possibilities... For me it is not because of that, but mostly because it is a place where you can not worry about what others think of you. Basically you can be whatever you want without a judgement. Also I would like to go there in Winter, because I am a Christmas lover and there are so much Christmas trees and decorations


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Sun, warmth and beaches! I love warmth and exotic places because where I am from, that is not something typical. I would like to learn to surf and also I want to go there because of the beautiful scenery


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It has been the city of my dreams for a long time because I am a huge movies` lover. The beaches and possibilities of what to do and see are so many that it is like one of my life goals


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Palm trees and parties... Does it need something more?


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I just love history! In so many books this city has been used a place of action, that literature has made me want to go there and get some aura from books

Thanks for reading my article! I have made lists and ideas of my future articles and another part will be out some time soon hopefully!
There are my other articles if you are interested in what I am made of.
Love, Undi