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.spooky / halloween.

  • Addams Family Values
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honestly, i feel like i'm super late talking abt this movie but i really fell in love with it.
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it's just sooo pretty & funny!

= if you want. a funny movie, also very beautiful & just gives really cool halloween vibes.

.aesthetic / beautiful.

  • loving vincent.
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this is one of the most gorgeous movie i've ever seen. i'm a hugeeee vangogh lover so i<3it.
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it's about the last months on vangogh, and the whole movie is hand-painted in the vangogh style

= if you want. a gorgeous movie you can't take your eyes off, a beautiful story & smt about art.

.funny / old movie.

  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
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jdkjesh i just had so much fun watching it!

= if you want. and old movie bc they're gorgeous and something funny that takes you somewhere else for 1h, really good for sick / bored days.

.documentary / knowledge.

  • the mask you live in.
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this is a documentary abt toxic masculinity & its consequences on men. really interesting.

= if you want. an amazing documentary, really well-made & pretty, if you're into feminism & society pb.

.category w/o a name.

  • kill your darlings.
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idk how to talk abt this movie but it is really gooood!! like i'm watching it every two months bc it's so amazing.
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it's about some famous poets of the 40's who are quire revolutionary.

= if you want. smt breath-taking & fascinating. with lgbt rep & poetry.

well i hoped you liked this article :)

take care, love you <3
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