Hey lovelies! Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. With so many holidays coming up, I'm sure many of you will be spending time with loved ones and friends. Plan on taking pictures but don't know how to pose? Don't worry, I got you covered- here are 10 ideas:

1. Twist and Turn

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I love this pose because you don't have to worry about your facial expression. Simply turn your back to the camera and spin (slowly though!). Ask the photographer to rapidly take photos in order to capture your hair in motion.

2. Cute but Mysterious

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In this pose, it's all about the outfit. Add a statement piece like a watch or a necklace to top it off.

3. The Candid

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First, find a beautiful spot, like a beach or cafe. Pretend to look to the side like you've seen a puppy or something that's caught your eye. Relax and smile! (Pro tip: start talking to relax your jaw, it really helps!)

4. It Comes Naturally

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This pose is perfect when you've found the perfect lighting outdoors but the background isn't as picturesque. This kind of photo really highlights the subject which is what I love about it!

5. The Thinker

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True to its name, this pose requires to literally act like you're thinking. It's unique take compared to a regular photo of smiling directly at the camera.

6. All Smiles

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This is one of my favorites. I love how happy she is, you can't help but smile when you look!

7. Keep it Casual

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With this pose, it's not about the outfit- feel free to dress down in a t-shirt and shorts. For this photo, I recommend telling jokes or funny stories so the photographer can capture your best smile!

8. Take a Sip

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We've all been there. You'll go to a cute cafe and order a drink that's Instagram worthy. You sit down at the table, and want to take a picture but don't know how to. Here's the perfect pose as the solution.


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Sometimes, the places you visit will blow your breath away. This pose is perfect when you want to show off details of your outfit but also capture your surroundings.

10. Just have fun!

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Poses for pictures can be so much fun, but don't take yourself too seriously. Instagram is just a social media platform. Don't let the number of likes or comments dictate your self-esteem. You are confident and beautiful just the way you are.

Hope you enjoyed this article, follow my Instagram Poses collection for more!

xo krist

This article was written by @fromkrist on the We Heart It Writers Team.