Day Two

Hi guys ! So today this is :

2. Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

This is so hard !! I swear, I hate saying what people says about me because, the half of the time, this is so stupid.

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I say that I loved you

Right now, I directly saw those messages about my ex boyfriend. I know that It is a story from the past now but, I read some of our old messages by accident when I realised that I had to talk about something that we said to me.

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Once, We were on the phone, because he moved out so... Yeah, that's also the reason of our break up but, anyway. We were on the phone and then, I fell asleep, like him. During the night, I woke up, without reason. And I heard an "I love you." So, I was a little bit confused and I just reply "I love you too". And the morning, We were still at the phone. And I got It: We were walking up at the same time when He told me that. That was sweet.

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Right, I'm cheating because this is not something about myself, exactly. But... I didn't trust myself about everything, I hated my physic and all these teenager thing. I will never forget this thing, this night, because of the fact that He was my first love and He will stay one of the best. I know that this seems stupid for you. But I just say that we don't need to forget someone just because It's over : this is a good memory which helps me to move on about some situations.

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I hope I liked this story and I wanted to say -- again, that I am sorry about the faults -- don't hesitate to tell me which one, becaus eI'm a french girl and that I don't really like using translate.

Love, Stranger From Heaven ღ

If You have an article that you want me to read, put the link on comments, I'll see.

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