I thought it'd be a good idea to write my November goals down so I don't forget them aha

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1. workout 3 times a week! I started working out again and I realized how happy and healthy it makes me feel :)
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2. eat properly!! i haven't been eating lately which is bad, and when I do its not very good food, which I need to try and fix this month!
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3. be more kind to myself and work on my self confidence! i know i'm way to harsh on myself sometimes, but its a habit i'm trying to break even though I know it'll be hard!
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4. Work on my makeup skills! i've gotten into makeup a lot recently even though I suck at it so I want to try to learn more about it, also does anyone know of some good setting sprays? my makeup never stays on throughout the day its a painnnn!
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5. look towards the future but still have fun in the present! i don't enjoy the weather I'm in right now, its cold and sad and makes me unmotivated to do anything, so I'm looking more towards the future and warm weather that makes me happier, but i'm still trying to look at things in a better point of view while i'm waiting aha

SO, I hope y'all enjoyed this if you were patient enough to read it aha
I really hope I accomplish at least 2 of these goals this month and if not ill just try harder next month :)
mads ♡