Last week I had my B-Day!
Based on everything people gifted me I will tell you about the ones I remember and I loved!
This post may be an inspiration and help for you to decide what to give your best friend!


fashion, necklace, and snowflake image fashion and necklace image

Photo Frame

Temporarily removed balloons, party, and ideas image

Cupcakes / Cake

cake, food, and birthday image cupcake, oreo, and food image

Unicorn Ears / Crown

unicorn, pink, and flowers image Temporarily removed


hogwarts, harry potter, and Letter image card, heart, and I Love You image


chanel, white, and bag image iphone, nails, and luxury image

Key Chain

pink, white, and pastel image Temporarily removed

Make Up

makeup, pink, and cosmetics image makeup, lipstick, and kylie jenner image