. Remember that I’m french so sorry in advance for bad english
. Si tu es francais(e) n’hésite pas à aller sur mon profil je vais bientôt publier cet article en français.

Dearest Hortense

At the time of reading those lines, you may be twenty or thirty. I don't know what you've made of my life. Maybe you're proud of it. Maybe not.
I'm just writing this to share with you my hopes, my expectations, who I think you've become.

Sentimentally, I have no particular hopes. If you're happy everything's okay. Alone, with a man, a woman who knows ! Do what you want to do. Say what you want, also what you don't want. Don't let anybody disrespect you.

Be bold enough to take you away from toxic people. If you're not at ease with someone, if you can't show you as you truly are to this person, if that person makes you feel like the guilty, that's a toxic person. Then being alone is better.

I really don't know what you are studying, or what's you job, it's actually the black hole ! Just do something you really love. Not what people want you to love.Then everything is going to be okay !

You have this capacity to understand people, use it ! Do never give up on anything which is worth it. Stay creative, dreamy, continue to see beauty all around you. Invest yourself 100%. But only for the good projects and the good people. Give your vibe to people. Don't forget yourself, love your imperfections and they will not be any more.

Try, learn, repeat, love and the most important take care of you.

As Sting's used to say :

Be yourself no matter what they say