I'm not gonna full this article with pictures or beautiful things instead this will be a very sad article about my life and those teenagers who have strict parents so don't read this if u are in a good mood.
I'm a 16 years old girl minding my own business,studying hard,getting straight A's,NOT doing drugs,or going out too late,I'm trying to be perfect version of me. So while doing this my parents aren't noticing anything like that. They scream at me why is my room messy and why are these cups on my table.LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT FOR YOU i'm working my ass off to be perfect and u don't even want to say anything good about that like:You are doing a great job darling,keep going, it's okay if u fall I'm here for u.BUT no they don't say those things but I'm really used to it,I'm used that they don't notice anything about me they don't even know me but that's okay already.
The reason i'm writing this is that today I asked my parents if I could go to my friend's house to a party on Saturday night and the said NO. they screamed at me that I should be grateful that they let me stay at my one and only friend's house and going to cafes(LOL). it happens like every time I ask them smth like that,it doesn't matter what I say,cry or do they say that my behavior is horrible.I'm crying so hard rn while writing this.(THEY ARE STRESSING ME OUT A LOT).Why can't I have fun with my friends like normal teenagers do,why? everyday I study till 2 o'clock at night to have a successful future I'm trying my best okay?? OPEN YOUR EYES.

WE are teenagers who need love.They always think that teenagers are heartless creatures but no we have lack of love,we need love. Let us do things we want,tell us that drugs are bad,that we shouldn't go out at night but don't scream at us like psychos we can hear u.Let us to those party's let us see what it is like so we won't have to lie to u every single time about where are we going and with who we are going. Strict parents are creating those evil,depressed,sad,sneaky children who then really don't have feelings and are cold hearted. Teenage years are the best years to explore everything in your life when u are young and full of life,so don't kill this in us,DON'T KILL THIS HAPPY CHILD IN US. we already have our fucking problems.