1. What's your 3 favourite things to do in the autumn?

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Decorating my room so it is cozy, watching films with a blanket and going to a cafe to get some coffee with my friends.

2. What are your most liked drinks in the fall season?

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Definitely coffee and hot choclate. I feel like everyone loves these during the autumn time haha.

3. Dream place for fall?

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Anywhere in Europe probably. Maybe Germany or Poland.

4. Favourite autumn fashion trend?

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Chunky knit sweaters of course and long and elegant coats. I absolutely love them.

5. Favourite fall scent?

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The smell of rain for sure and anything pumpkin haha.

6. Favourite autumn color?

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Warm tones, red, yellow, browns...

7. Fireplace or candle light?

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Ohh, definitely fireplace, so cozy and warm!

8. Day or night?

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I am a morning person because I am a lot more productive but during the autumn season I prefer the night, just because it gives me Christmas vibes haha.

9. Have you ever gone for apple picking?

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I don't think so, although maybe I did when I was little. Yeah, I did when I was like 8 years old in a school trip.

Well, that's it guys. I hope you enjoyed this article. I will definitely be making a lot more, especially related to productivity, fashion, health, etc.
Hope you enjoyed! Bye bye!!

Andrea, xoxo.