hey it's me i know I'm late

here's some of the songs I liked recently
and these are the last ones I did:

6 figures / Justin Roberts

aesthetic, bathroom, and graffiti image

hahahahah i know i know but its catchy

happy now / zedd / elley duhé

music, musik, and Lyrics image

high five / sigrid

Image removed

comethru / jeremy zucker

aesthetic and jeremy zucker image

lovely / billie eilish / khalid

billie eilish image

younger / ruel

ruel image

take me away / scotty sire

scotty sire, scotty, and vlog squad image

monsters / seafret

indie, goodmusic, and love image
a friend sent me this and wow

be alright / dean lewis

alright, be, and dean image
oh so lovely

see you next time!!