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Step 1. Skin & Prep

Cleanse gently and exfoliate your lips.
Whichever skin type you may have, moisturize plentifully. If you have oily skin, use an oil-free moisturizer (I recommend the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit). Put on light layers at a time, waiting for each layer of moisturizer to sink into your skin until you put it on and it doesn't absorb in under five minutes anymore.
Use your favorite sunscreen and primer~

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Step 2. Brows

Draw out and fill in your brows and then use concealer to carve them out. If you don't like doing this, use a tinted gel (Boy Brow is a good tint, though small packaging).

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Step 3. Eyes
Do whatever your in the mood for. Since its a natural look, you should keep it simple (no cut-crease/designs), but color doesn't sway the look. Wear no eyeshadow or orange eyeshadow, its your choice.
Some suggestions:
- glossy lid: put eye gloss (or vaseline/liquid highlight) on your lids
- natural discoloration: put a shadow that is darker than your skin color all over your eye and then add a lighter shade on the very center of your lid
- subtle blush: use blush on your lid to warm up the color/darkness

Then either add mascara and/or put on falsies

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Step 4. Face
Take a look at your face and find what it needs.

For paleness: use a bronzer that is either sheer or close to your skin tone and put it around your face. If you still feel pale and/or want to add color to your face, pat some subtle bronze onto the center of your cheeks where you'd put blush. If you like using blush, use it towards the center of your face.

For eye bags: when applying concealer, place it far away from your eyes (the edge of your bags/your cheeks) and then blend it up to your eyes. Use a pink tinted concealer first (L.A. Girl has color correcting concealers).

For 'matte-ness': if you're going for a dewy look, look for highlighters that have fine glitter particles.

**NOTE: don't worry about covering up blemishes, they make natural glowy looks even more beautiful and realistic<3

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Step 5. Lips
If you have a favorite nude lip color, use that. But you don't have to use anything really, just apply chapstick and take it with you to reapply often throughout the day.