Here is my October playlist (the songs I discovered or listened to the most in October) enjoy :)

What Would I Do ? - Fur

Seventeen (Age) - Mike Krol

To Hold Amber - Drew Monson

Cut My Lip - Twenty One Pilots

Morph - Twenty One Pilots

Pet Cheetah - Twenty One Pilots (honestly I listened to the whole Trench album a lot these are just my favs)

Angry Song - beabadoobee

Die Young - KOHH

Goggles - Post Animal

Blood // Water - grandson

Crying Clown - The Wytches

hometown - cleopatrick

Charger - Gorillaz

F.O.M.O. - Scotty Sire

Gossamer - Fashion Jackson

Like Blood From a Stone - Old Gray

I Love You Like An Alcoholic - The Taxpayers

Rain or Shine - Young Fathers

That Girl Belongs to Yesterday - Gene Pitney

Sick Shit - Together Pangea

Evil Deeds - Eminem

Trespass - Rich Brian

When The Party's Over - Billie Eilish


NO FUN - Joji

Two Beers In - Free Throw

Nagoya - It Looks Sad.

Girlie - Alexandra Savior