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And here we are making an article about fairies, I hope you like it ^^

flowers, photography, and sunset image photo, random, and imagenes image
Name would be 'Eleri', a gaelic name of uncertain meaning
purple, aesthetic, and alternative image colored hair and nyané image Temporarily removed hair, girl, and pink image
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, bun, and green image eye, eyes, and blue image
Make up
glitter, makeup, and beauty image stars, eyes, and tumblr image gold image art, beauty, and makeup image
dress, fashion, and blue image lace image
alison, art, and drawing image broken, heal, and healing image
Eleri has the power of healing others, emotionally and physically
astronomy, constellation, and dark image stars, sky, and nature image
Being a vespers fairy, she's always travelling, following the stars, going whereever there's someone in need
Temporarily removed fairy, wings, and beautiful image
Eleri has dragonfly wings
quotes, pink, and words image quotes, thoughts, and flaws image quotes, stars, and love image background, Darkness, and quotes image kiss, love, and quotes image book and quotes image
galaxy, planet, and space image stars, galaxy, and pink image
Watching the stars and wondering about the universe
text and words image quotes, grunge, and no image
She is unable to say "no"

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