name: laura

name meaning: feminine form of Lazarus meaning "laurel" like laurel tree, which is used to make victors' garlands

blood status: half-blood

note: if you've read my evangelina clancy oc, a lot of this will be the same as i did base her off of myself


Temporarily removed hair, braid, and hairstyle image ginger, redhead, and beauty image Temporarily removed
dyed ginger hair, green eyes with hints of brown, loads of piercings


yellow, book, and vintage image harry potter and hufflepuff image hufflepuff, hogwarts, and harry potter image window, hufflepuff, and yellow image
hard working, dedication, patience, loyalty, fair, and fierce friends


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed doc martens image fashion, style, and outfit image
jeans and tees, wouldn't be caught dead without my docs or high top vans, my grandmother got me a tiffany's necklace of an outline of a silver heart for my 16th and i never take it off


coffee, funny, and quotes image Temporarily removed quotes, curse, and blessing image funny, message, and texting image
curious, stubborn, goofy, creative, and extremely sensitive


harry potter, hogwarts, and wand image unicorn, horse, and white image country road, road, and cypress image harry potter, slytherin, and wand image
cypress wood - associated with nobility, placed with the brave, bold, and self-sacraficing // unicorn hair core - the most difficult to the turn to dark side // 14 1/2" long with quite bendy flexibility


adorable, animal, and baby image grunge, forest, and snow image Temporarily removed badger, cute, and animal image

Quidditch Position

harry potter, hogwarts, and hufflepuff image harry potter, hogwarts, and quidditch image Temporarily removed harry potter, broomstick, and autumn image
hufflepuff beater


bouquet, flowers, and peonies image coffee, drink, and milk image rain, sea, and ocean image Image by Mika
peonies, coffee, and rain on the ocean


Temporarily removed baby, feathers, and fly image Temporarily removed forest, owl, and little owl image
his name would be sebastian

Favorite Class

harry potter, potion, and aesthetic image magic image book, potion, and magic image Image removed

Favorite Spells

harry potter, spell, and charm image grunge, glass, and broken image broken, glass, and aesthetic image harry potter image
assemble or fix something that has been broken
Abusive image Image removed Temporarily removed Image by ♣
heal minor injuries

Favorite Places

Temporarily removed harry potter, hogwarts, and marauders image aesthetic, harry potter, and hogwarts image harry potter, hufflepuff, and hogwarts image
great hall, hogsmeade - specifically the three broomsticks, diagon alley especially weasley's wizard wheezes. and the hufflepuff common room