Hey guys,

Before today's article, i want to say thank you for your messages ! I think, all of us fight everyday againt her fears, anxiety, fails, we are stronger ladies (& gentlemen?) , never forget that ! And please, feel free to DM me if you want talk about everything, i'll glad to exchange with you ! ❤️

Anyway, i'm back today with a positive article. It's about my resolutions/goals for this November.

New month, 30 new chances and so many new opportunities !

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1 - Start journaling :

I read so much about journaling and its benefits. I think i wasnt enough ready to put my feelings & thoughts in the paper. But, it's time for me to free myself and take off the weight of my shoulder.
In addition, i chose an old notebook which remind me a lot of bad memories, but i think that it's important for me to go on with it and say to myself yes you suffered as f*ck but it's okey 'cause it's a part of your history of life and this notebook it's a prove of how much your are stronger than you ever thought.

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2 - Getting REALLY out of my comfort zone :

It's time for me to experience new things. To discover hobbies, cultures, or whatever. I want to challenge myself and know my skills and limits too.

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3 - Studying hard at university :

November went and it's a midterm now. It's THE time for me to kick my ass off and start working hard. I want to see what's happen if i study hard everyday and how much i can be smart. It's such important for me if know guys...

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4 - Waking up early & health :

I joined this two points together because it's about a healthy lifestyle.
I'll do my best this month to keep a healthy lifestyle in food and physical practicing. (i swim 1/week and walk a lot everyday)
And i want to wake up early 6/week at least , i'll try to experience a 6am challenge and maybe i'll write an article about my experience if you want.
Everytime i wake up early i'm so fresh and in good mood, so we will see in the long time.

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5 - Writing a fiction/story :

It's my little personal secret which i keep it in the corner of my mind. I read a LOOOOT of stories in Wattpad since more than 4 years , it's the perfect app for the writers (&readers). In fact, i read and write (some texts and words here and there) since my childhood, and i always had the idea of writing my own and complet story one day and the most important ; keep writing it (bcs i started years ago but i didnt finish it...).

Anywaaay, i want to start this project this month, maybe i'll do it, we will see ahah.

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6 - Improving my English :

English is not my original language, i try to learn it everyday. And what's the most important than practicing for learning things. So this month, i want to learn more so i think that i'll write more articles.
Also, be confortable to correct me if you find mistakes.

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So ya, it's all about my goals for this month, hope it will not be so hard ahah 🤞
What's yours ? Tell me everything !

Hope to see you in my next article, take care of yourself ! 💜
xo ,
- Y

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