I wake up in the morning, in hopes to see you. To be seen in your eyes. To be the new creation for you. To be a new version of myself. I wake up in the morning because I love you.

Days after days, I read tweets and post on Facebook or Instagram of people hating school and how much just how much they hate Monday.

And I am the total opposite. I hate weekends and love Mondays and schools because that's the only chance I get to see him.

My love.

My soul.

My art.

My life.

Never Mind. I am being a ridiculously cliché girl. Well, basically, I love going to school is because I get to see my crush.

Lee Richardson.

He is weird and flirty and bad and good and cute and handsome and hot and sexy and many more things which I don't feel really comfortable sharing about.

I mean he is my guy. And I have the things I think about.

I think that I think too much.

But he is always the one I am thinking about, so why worry?

I wish I could really define him to the best, or just paint him, or do something to show my grandchildren, how their grandfather looked when he was their age.

Maybe I think way too much. But again, there is no harm. I love him. And love is not a crime.

Is it, now?

"Sara, you are getting late?" That is the yell from my mother. In every story, the beautiful girl wakes up and gets ready for school and while she is getting ready her mum yells out her name because of her always, literally always wakes up late.

Me? I did not. I woke up one hour forty-five minutes earlier; it's just I take a lot of time to make myself presentable. And sometimes while getting ready, I just zone off and start thinking of him.

He is my crush, after all.

I have no one to blame me, I fell in love and so I will act crazy.

After getting ready, I sit on my bed, ignoring my mum non-stop yell, let's take a minute to think about our first love. Wasn't it magical? The way you always draw him in your mind when your eyes are closed.

Damn. Lee. He'll be the death of me.

"Sara, Get the hell out of your room, now."

I rolled my eyes at her. Seriously, if she has a problem, why can't she just walk up to my room and see that I am meditating.

Well, Meditating.

What's wrong with me? That's not even a word. But it sounds good. And will only, to me.

"Good Morning, mum," I said as I kissed her cheek.

"Walk yourself to school, you missed your bus." Ha, that's how my mum greets me in the morning, not like every other story, where mum is cooking something really delicious that the smell fills their nostrils and it makes them want to skip school.

Nah, that will never happen in my case, even if my mum is cooking.

1. She is not a nice cook.

2. I have Lee to look forward to.

And my dad, he is not like any other story dad, he is not sitting in the living room and reading today's newspaper. Instead, he must be at work.

I grab an apple and start walking to school. It's not really too far. And I know I'll manage.

My dad runs one of the prestigious hotels in California. And the amount of him has been just so much for him to only come home in the afternoons, take a nap, eat and go back to his office.

That is why mum asked him to get us a two storey house instead of living in a big mansion. And what would she even do in the mansion, with her husband at work and daughter at school? I am the only kid of my parents if you guys wonder.

I have no best friend. But I have my squad, I love my squad. But I just can't bring myself to call them my best friends.

In every other story, the girl finds the guy in the first chapter and falls in love slowly.

Well me, I am already in love. And I have found my one and only.

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