I organized all of the books in one hour. The libraries have been empty. It seems less and less students spend their time here. It's a shame. We all need to spend more time around books. Teenagers especially should be reading and learning.

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I love my job. I am so happy Matilda helped me make this my career. I love going to work everyday. And when I am done with work I can go home to my babies. Spencer is pretty much a stay at home dad.

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Tatum + Spencer

Rhett is growing a bit faster than Kinsley. I love that he'll be her older brother. Her protector. I know we all need protecting. We can try to hide what we know about our world. I've done it nearly my entire life. It led me to feel suicidal and depressed. Now I'm more open to exploring who I am and what I can do. Also what others are capable of doing.

Raven knew she was dark since she turned 13. She never tried to hide who she was. She spends the majority of her time in the underworld. Or at least she used to before her kids came along. Raven shapeshifts into a raven. I can levitate and Matilda says I have a bit of psyche princess in me. Since I didn't tune into that part of myself before I had children, it will be passed onto my daughter. Our butterfly princess.

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I remember I would be reading a book and all of a sudden the pages would turn into butterflies. I thought I was hallucinating, but it was signs. There were always signs. I just ignored them.

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It's sad to me when I saw myself through my soul's eyes. That was me. Trapped in a jar with the butterfly looking at me. I was super depressed because this is what I was doing to myself. And now I cannot go back in time to embrace my true self. It has passed on to Kinsley. She must not hide who she is. She must not make the same mistake I did.

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The butterflies exploded out of me and the weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Matilda is such a powerful witch.

Nessa even picked up on the signs. She drew me this, yet once again I turned it down. I turned hostile and even ignored her after she tried to tell me butterflies had a significant role in my being.

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I will not allow my children to hinder who they are. I will let them embody their true selves. I will support them forever and always.

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I am free now, though. I have acknowledged this. All with the help of Matilda.