Hi again!

So I've been meaning to to talk about this for a while. Prepare yourselves for a little bit of rant.


You know when you had such a great time with a boy even if it wasn't in romantic way? You laughed so loud, maybe even hugged at some point. Then you guys don't see each other for a while until you reunite at a party or just at a gathering with a group of friends, and everybody is telling stories and you look at this specific boy (your friend you might say) while laughing and you mention to him that time that you two shared a moment, but then he looks at you like you have something on your face and says that he doesn't remember it.

''Oh, it's okay'', you respond. And you feel so stupid.

Well that happened to me many, many times.

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Let's be clear on something: most of the boys I was thinking about while writing this weren't my friends really. So I should not be affected by something as silly as this. But (guess what?) I am.

"Hey, remember that time that we were a bit drunk and we kiss, and I told you that joke about jiraffes?"

"Um, I barely remember the kiss, haha, sorry"

Somethins similar happened to me even with guys from whom that I wanted an actual friendship, or maybe even a relationship*: We talked about a little bit of everything, and i would tell them about foxes and why they are my favorite animal in the whole world, and they would actually think that it was cool that I liked foxes. But then some DAYS later this happens:

"Well, you know which animal is my fave anyways hahaha"


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I've even talked to boys that I have known for months or even years and realize that they don't remember my name, or they call me by a similar one, while I even know their mom's name.
And I get so hurt and overwhelmed by my own thougths:

"is it my fault? Was I not cool enough?"

"Wait, was I just being used in some way, this whole time? "

"Was I stupid for expecting something else?"

"Why do I even care?"

"I must look so stupid knowing a lot about them while they don't know
shit about me"

"What do I say now?"

It's been said a couple of times before that men don't care as much as we women do. We tend to remember things and overanalyze situations, while they just don't.

For these silly situations, and even worst and more meaningful ones, us girls get really excited and thankful when a boy remembers a small thing. And I get it, I get the excitment, the "Oh, they remembered! n_n" but it is just so damn infuraiting that there are so many guys like this, so many guys that just don't care.

My intetion with this article was to tell my girls out there, that 1. Don't lovewr your standars for shitty boys 2. I get hurt about stupid things said and done by stupid boys too. 3. One day, we'll get to know real men, let's hang in there.

Thanks for reading!