Kuala Lumpur Girls

banana, blonde, and city image city and travel image
Soft eyes, Poetic, Sadness, Quiet voice, Long dresses, Memory box full of old photos, Watercolour paintings, Secret scars, Rumours, Messy but cozy room, Hates attention, Amazing eyebrows, Calmness, A really good singer, Great with kids, Long soft hair, Dancing in the rain, Simple black and white clothes

Paris Girls

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Love pastries and sunsets, Leather miniskirts, Resting bitch face, Wild adventures at night, Convertibles, Undeniably pretty, Rebellious and wild, The city at night, Romanticizes everything, Obsessed with bands, Genuinely kind, Shorts, Keeps a diary, Can be aloof

Tokyo Girls

city, light, and night image japan, city, and night image
Amazingly stylish, Bold laughter, Black converse high tops, Black hair, Minimalists, Good at giving advices, Often staring into spaces, Loves skincare and makeup, Appears confident, Takes naps, Daydreams a lot, Warm heart and always make you feel wanted and loved

New York Girls

girl, city, and travel image girl, fashion, and friends image
Passionate about theirs opinions, Walking barefoot everywhere, Laying in the afternoon sun, Big adventures, Muddy feet, Toothy smiles, Freckles, Accepting of everyone, Follows their own path, Sunflowers, Tall, Eyebrows on point, Interested in film and art, Will ask you if you are okay if you look sad, Wise beyond their years

London Girls

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Making music, Long dresses, Always positive, A child at heart, Stargazing off mountain cliffs, Is either very quite or very loud, An ambitious worker, Calm and collected, loud laughter, seems serious but isn`t, Trying your best, Summer nights, Telling old stories, Rosy cheeks, Wanting the best for everyone

Amsterdam Girls

fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image
Glowing skin, Radiant smiles, The best friend you could ask for, Glassy blue eyes, Moves with grace and rythm, Loves the stars, Late night swims, Blue tie dyed sheets, Cold hands, Warm heart, The mom friend, Books, Sunsets, Freckles, Thick eyebrows, Powerful presence, Is going to change the world, Peaceful beings

Rome Girls

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Speaking eyes, Iced coffee, The rough ocean at night, Salty hair, Long limbs, Kind of sad and tired, Goes with the flow, Quiet voice but loud meaning, Starry skies, Obsessed with mythology, Emotional, Isn`t afraid to speak the truth, Old bookshelves, Living in the woods, Promises

Greece Girls

girl, summer, and travel image girl, Greece, and travel image
Deep thinkers, Red converse, Dreamy sunsets, Sirens, Walks with purpose, Dark hair, Always looks their best, Very kind and giving, Seashells, Loud laughter, Beauty, Vintage shirts, Black coffee, Having faith, Soft smiles, Denim jeans, Sad movies, Brave at heart, Reading fantasy books

Seoul Girls

fashion image flowers and summer image
Graceful movements, Questioning life but feeling at peace, Half finished journals, Jeans jackets, Warm smiles, Mugs of tea, Writing poetry, Blunt and honest, Falling stars, Roses, Standing up for those who can`t defend themselves, Walks through nature, Positivity

California Girls

friends, girl, and summer image hollywood, girl, and california image
Wide smiles, High heels, Loves kids, Picnics, Wears too much black, Dog person, Loves everyone, Wears lacy shirts, Sunny days, Sensitive, Obsessed with chocolates, Strong and independent, Messy notes, Handwritten love letters, Oversized sweaters, Staying up till 3am, Making friends, Introverts, Forgiving people

Berlin Girls

berlin, dress, and girl image Temporarily removed
White lace, Long hair, Chokers, Sarcastic, Wears too many neckclaces, Cloudy days, Obsessed with music, Sneakers, Messy hair, Shy, Extremely loyal, Very graceful, Loves poetry and old books, Soft smiles, Nostalgia of a time that you never knew, Silver jewellery, White ballgowns, Elegant perfumes

Los Angeles Girls

beige, black, and cozy image girl, la, and photography image
Bold lipstick, Listens to rock music, Always energetic, Cares a lot, Will do anything for their family, Messy, Adores puppies, Enjoys staying in the dark, Loves winter, Always wears her hair loose, Drinks tea, Low key hates everyone, Tattoo artist, Vintage clothes, Secretly likes cartoons, Loves the rain, Great at sports

Venice Girls

beauty, cali, and california image girl, dance, and venice image
Loves snow, Has perfect hair, Milkshakes, Online till 2 am, Flirty, Eye rolls all the time, Mysterious, Flawless skin, Eyeliner always on fleek, Museums and theatres, Passionate kisses, Honest, Super awkward, Fuzzy socks, Cooks really well, Gets drunk very easily, Has a million secret talents

Bahamas Girls

summer, girl, and beach image animal, bahamas, and beach image
Really fun, Beach vibes, Super loyal towards friends, Old school vans, Freckles on golden skin, Really cares about the smallest things, Loud laughter, Old movie throwbacks, Instagram star, Glitter makeup, Heart candy, Long hair, Fruity scent, Festivals, Amazing style, Rose gold, Tired eyes

Milan Girls

live it and travel image girl, fashion, and rose image
Big curly hair, Bubblegum, The best advice ever, K-pop, Hair chalk, Really pretty, RnB music, Beautiful sunrises, Holding hands, Champagne pink, Hates getting hair wet, Excited over little things, Loves giving, Stuffed toys, Empty on the inside, Really friendly, Chapped lips, Good ideas at 2am, Dusty antique stores, Sarcarsm, Checkered pants, Loves fashion

Rio De Janeiro Girls

brasil, brazil, and photography image Image by peka
Loves long shower, Aesthetic, Wears florals, Bright smiles, Iced drinks, Brilliant kissers, Deep thinkers, Love to dance, Love to travel, Give the best hugs, Glittering eyes, Friendly, Lost in their own dreams, Beautiful handwriting, Hates staying at home, Bold makeups, Barely sleep, Always on time, Has a collection of perfumes

Prague Girls

czech, europe, and ice cream image travel, city, and prague image
Long hair, Mysterious, Passionate about dreams, Loves nature and animals, The sun, Soft lips, Loves traveling, Astronomy, Ocean waves, Sunsets, Making friends, Freckles, Mermaid, Moonlight, Curiosity, Healing people you love, Sharp features, Mist, Mythology

Dubai Girls

luxury and Dubai image Temporarily removed
Baby pink, Shopaholic, Messy bedrooms, A thousand thoughts, Cute quotes, Prettiest laughter, Smokey eyes, Ear piercings, Instagram famous, Crop tops, Black eyeliner, Messy hair, Vibrant colours, Overbearing emotions, Loves food, Festivals, Close friend group, Always there for you

Cappadocia Girls

chic, day, and girl image ️️️️turkiye, cappadocia, and travel image
Neon lights, Spontaneous tattoos, Focused on her goals, Loves netflix, Loves their friends more than anything, Long hair, Artistic, Glassy eyes, Lemonade stands, Strawberry milkshakes, Loud laugh, White lace, Oversized knitted sweaters, Kittens, Chill and confident

Havana Girls

architecture, blonde, and Carribean image art, beautiful, and beauty image
Sleek hair, Blunt texts, Clean bedroom, Matte eyeshadows, Pastel colours, Arts and crafts, Spends money fast, Polaroid pictures, Big bright eyes, Dancing around the living room, Funny, Has a lot of secrets, Rollercoasters, Dusty pink, Down for adventures, Creative, Loves bike rides, Nice eyebrows, Late night chats, Sunset skies, Keeps a diary, Tan, Has a big family

Moscow Girls

travel, russia, and moscow image girls, goals, and tourism image
Long formal dresses, Spotlights, Expensive taste, Nude lipstick, Elegance, Graceful steps, Confidence, Body glitter, Warm smiles, Never lets anything get to them, Good advice, Winged eyeliner, Crop tops, Sun kissed skin, Bleached hair, No makeup, Good vibes, Perfect for cheering up

Toronto Girls

balcony, beret, and fashion image blonde, city, and CN tower image
Late night swims, Oversized tops, Oldbooks, sunshine, Childhood friends, Messy braids, Vibrant personality, Very pretty, Loves music, Yoga, Dancer, A whole bunch of fun, Smiles, Black leggings, Cozy room, Pale skin, Good hugs, Pink lip gloss, Pillow fights, Healthy, Loves travel

Shanghai Girls

aesthetic, asia, and kstyle image travel, china, and fashion image
High heels, Mini skirts, Lipstick, Straight hair, Starbucks, Lots of friends, Popular, Instagram famous, Nobody has seen her crying, Very smart, High ponytails, Belly piercings, Strong and beautiful, Sweet, Good vibes, Self tan, Ripped denim shorts, Supports all rights, Old movies, Free spirit, Falling asleep in the sun, Converse shoes

Budapest Girls

girl and travel image Temporarily removed
Kinda lazy, Sweatpant and messy buns, Casual, Healthy smoothies, Glowing skin, Good grades, Has too many different social groups to keep up with, Brunch at trendy cafes, Has life goals all set out, Happy bean, Bright smiles, Retro sunglasses, Summer beach days, Emojis in every text, Bucket lists, More mature than they seem, Lazy pool days, Sunshine yellow, Photography

Bali Girls

clothes, t-shirt, and levely image pool, bali, and goals image
Road trips to nowhere, Golden hour, Attitude issues, Very forgetful, Oversized denim jackets, Bomb af makeup, Gets super quiet when upset, Secretive, Long flowy dresses, Laughter softer, Night carnivals, Hates school, Never forgets, Only has a few friends, Badass, Messy hair, Actually deeply madly in love, Finds it hard to take critism, The feeling of sitting in the sun too long, High waisted shorts

Ibiza Girls

Temporarily removed Mature image
Wavy hair, Want to lives by the sea, Always happy, Moon child, Loves to explore creeks & lakes, Blushes all the time, Loves mushrooms, Collect crystals, Wears very pink shimmery Highlighters, Has tiny random braids in hair, Sweetest creature, Always wear a dress, Eat cherries all the time, Tons of gold jewelery, Acts like an angel

Marrakech Girls

girl, marrakech, and angelica blick image Temporarily removed
Hot chocolate, Morning person, Touchy af, Reads a lot, Curvy, Collects stamps, Amazing at make up, Has trust issues, Best cuddler, Genuine smiles, Studies history, Watches sunsets, Golden mist, Empty streets, Fairy lights, Glossy nail polish, Antique silver watches, A sky full of stars, Skylights

Chefchaouen Girls

africa, blogger, and content image fashion blogger, terrace, and travel blogger image
Vanilla, Super random, Alone in a library, Deep meaningful eyes, Gets super emotional, Loyal, Day dreaming, Always thinking of new fun things to do, Wild beautiful hair, Dirty jokes, Loads of group photos, Chewing gum, Misunderstood, Trendy clothes, Social media queen, Carefree, Always loosing things

Taj Mahal Girls

buildings, girl, and goals image girl, goals, and photography image
The ocean, Candid polaroids, Sometimes quiet, Great listener, Remembers little personal things, Stays up all night, Super funny, No time for bullshit, So many friends, Never embarrassed, Quirky style, Super kind and caring, Makes the most hilarious faces ever, Heart of gold, The sound of laughter

Egypt Girls

Temporarily removed tattoo, egypt, and girl image
Good girl, Red lips and rosy cheeks, Warm sun on bare skin, Unbroken promises, Day dreams, Really pretty, All the guys want her, Her friends come first, Always smiling, Really kind and sweet, Good fun, Bunches of flowers all around room, Dancing sillhouettes on the sunset

Singapore Girls

botanic garden, singapore, and follow me image girl, pool, and city image
The feelings of diving into a cool deep pool, Chaotic and crazy, Life has never been worse, Devilish smiles, Different mood every minute, Exciting romances, Blush pink, Teddy bear, Coffee at midnight, Speaks with their eyes, Good times. Needs love, Lipsticks stain, Typical teenager, Best friend you could ever hope for, The best people in life, Cans of fizzy drinks

Iceland Girls

Temporarily removed friends, photography, and beach image
Drunk nights, DIY videos, raspberry tea, Grassy denim overalls, Black cats, Covered in tattoos, The taste of metal, A sweet voice, Confident laughter, Tries their best, Loves fashion and dogs, Bright eyes like the sun, New cities, Tired souls, Gentle words, Dreamy evening, Handfuls of flowers, Falling in love, Ripped jeans

Finland Girls

goals image snow, winter, and finland image
Tousled hair, Sharpening their smiles, A little broken, A hopeless romantic, Likes mini skirts & off shoulder tops, Blushes a lot, Nice handwritting, Good with words, Bubbly and smiley, Comfotables with silences, Pretty hair, Can be moody, Needs a lot of alone time, Can make anyone laugh, Gorgeous fashion sense

Copenhagen Girls

fashion, style, and aesthetic image girl, travel, and city image
Messy hair, Draws a lot, Wants a hug, Likes concerts, Vintage aesthetic, Looking for adventure, Freckles, Loud voice, Easily angered, Beauty in every way, KInda hippie, Friendship anklets, No time for fake people, Inside jokes, A bit Sassy, Sucks at school, Fun loving, Ignoring the haters, Crazy dancing everywhere, Colourful eyeshadow, Winking at cute boys, A hot mess, Over sized denim jackets

Mumbai Girls

egypt, mosque, and travel image photography, sky, and beautiful place image
Loves the rain, Cooks really well, Always energetic, Cares a lot, Happy, Friendly, Great at sports, Loves sunshine, Has a sweet tooth, Super awkward, Always the first to know about trends, Expert at buldings, Bold lipsticks, Basic, Adores puppies, Agressive, Beautiful