In preparation for MATD4, I decided to make a mini-series with zodiac signs as songs from previous albums. This is the second article and we're focusing on Electra Heart.


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Lonely Hearts Club
Love will never be forever, feelings are just like the weather


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Fear and Loathing
Not everyone is out to screw you over, maybe, just maybe they just wanna get to know you


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Power and Control
Give a little, get a lot, that's just how you are with love.


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Buy The Stars
Oh we don't own our heavens now, we only own our hell


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How To Be A Heartbreaker
Kiss him goodbye at the door and leave him wanting more


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What's the point in saying you love me like a friend?


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All I ever wanted was the world


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Starring Role
You know I'd rather walk alone than play a supporting role


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Teen Idle
Wish I'd been a prom queen fighting for the title instead of being sixteen and burning up a Bible


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Bubblegum Bitch
So pull me closer, and kiss me hard


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Baby I'm gonna leave you drowning until you reach for my hand


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You’re the last wall that will stand tall 'til the end of the world

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