Malena and I have been taking Oona to the flower field every weekend. Oona loves it there and Malena and I love hanging out. The house has been hectic with twins' arrival, so it's good for all of us to get some space. Rosie says my baby girl is due in one week.

Image by Zahraa A. Aljaleel

I sat Oona down on the bench outside to put her shoes on. She swung her feet and the shoe fell to the floor before I could strap it on. She was grumpy this morning. Callie was crying all night and Oona didn't get much sleep. I sighed and picked up the shoe to try again. This time, she crossed her arms and swung her feet more aggressively. "Oona," I said forcefully. She looked up at me through grumpy eyebrows. Her cheeks tinted pink with frustration. "I need to put on your shoes," I told her. Her attitude was not changing. It seemed to be getting worse.

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I was about to lose all patience when Malena walked in. Oona's eyes widened and she jumped off the bench and into Malena's arms. I felt a slight sting of jealousy towards Malena. She was perfect. And my daughter adored her. More than me most of the time.

"Hey sweet pea," Malena said, kissing Oona on the head. "Giving mommy some trouble, huh?" she asked, knowing the answer. I picked up her shoes and handed them to Malena. "I'm sure she'll let you put them on her," I said, stepping back. Malena sat her on the bench and Oona let her strap on her shoes. "Yup. I was expecting this," I said. "It's been a long night. We're all running on 30 minutes of sleep," Malena said. I walked out to the car frustrated. I silently decided to let Malena take charge of Oona today. I got into her car and a few minutes later Malena was tightening Oona's seatbelt around her in the backseat.

We didn't say much during the drive to the flower field. I turned to look at Oona who fell asleep five minutes into the drive. "Parenting is hard. We all need a break sometimes," Malena said, breaking the silence. "She just loves you," I told her. "I mean...I don't blame her," I added. "I love her too," Malena said.

We made it to the field and by this time Oona was awake again. We set down our blanket and Oona walked around the field. "I'm sorry for being rude. I was just jealous Oona loves you so much and she was giving me a hard time..I also can't wait for this baby girl to get out of me," I said softly, playing with the grass. "Please..don't apologize," Malena reassured me. I scooted closer to her and rested my head against her shoulder.

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I was grateful to have her in my life. "So...what's new with you?" I asked. "Not much. Work hasn't been so hectic which is nice. Katherine's been super bitchy, but I'm sure you caught onto that. Um....Alec is throwing a halloween party at the bar and he asked me to bartend. You should come. It'll be a few weeks after you give birth so you'll probably need a break," Malena explained. "That sounds fun. I'll be there," I responded. Malena was playing with my hair and I was nodding off against her.

I miss Charlie. He's all I ever think about.

Image by Zahraa A. Aljaleel
Oona (after a long day in the flower field)