Dear B,

it was August 2010 when I felt that something is wrong with me when I look at you. I was way too young and I still don't know why then or why you. Maybe because you were (and still are) the most beautiful and kind person I've ever seen.
I knew I wouldn't have unlimited time to see you because you are 4 years older and would graduate high school in 2013. We both knew (and still know) the same persons and I'm still wondering why we never met through them. I still remember that one day you were talking to one of mine and my brother's childhood friends, but you were turning around and instead of listening to her and looking at her, your eyes were straight on me.
I'm still wondering if you wanted to make me jealous.
It doesn't matter that you lived in the same neighborhood as me, I knew I would miss you, not seeing you every day. You were my perfect highlight of the day and all I could think about in school were you, that I would hopefully see you in the bus when we drive home.
It was June 2013 when you left me. Almost 3 years I had with you. I've seen you on your 18th birthday, and I still remember you looking at me. I wish I could have said something, but you left and I was with a friend. But you looked happy and that was all what mattered.
On January 13 2014 you broke my heart and shattered it in a million pieces. I know this day would happen, but it hurts anyway. Even when I was happy for you. I decided not to go on your profile anymore, just to save myself and my heart. I didn't broke this promise to myself over 3 and a half years. Before my longing after you has been too much and I just had to see your profile picture. That you're still the boy I remember from 8 years ago. Eight. Years. Oh god, my heart felt so full when I saw your picture. I will always love you.

There have been one day I almost ran into you. One second later and I would have touched you. You were not supposed to be there and you still were. This is what I would call destiny, but I don't believe in things like that. There were so many other days I didn't know you were at the same place as me, as the same time, so that we met.
I know that things would have gone differently when I would have decided to go on the same school as you. At this point, I didn't know you and what I would feel for you in the future.
Dear first love, I will never forget you and you will be forever something special to me. No matter what happen, no matter where and how we end, no matter what you feel. You probably don't know it but at least one person will always love you.