• Full Name: Sophia Garance Houston
  • Nickname(s): Soph'
  • Age: 17
  • Date of Birth: December 24
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Ethnicity: British, Portuguese & American
  • Hometown: San Francisco


  • Hair
girl, body, and nails image blond, mouth, and Blanc image fashion, hair, and girl image Temporarily removed
She got very long blond near the Brown hair.
  • Eyes
eyes, eye, and eyebrows image eyes and blue eyes image
She has gray blue eyes.
  • Face & Body
Image removed aesthetic, girl, and soft image adorable, beautiful, and brunette image Mature image
She got a beautiful face. She has freckles & pale thin body.


  • Everyday
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fashion, pink, and outfit image
She loves the 80' style.
  • At School
girl, black and white, and style image Temporarily removed bag, adidas, and black image fashion, urban outfitters, and black image
She wears a black turtleneck as all of The Witches, a gray skirt because she is in the Air section. WIth that, she wears a black coat & black boots.
  • For Ball
dress, fashion, and style image Image by Vicky grunberg fashion, shoes, and blue image Temporarily removed
Silver dresses & blue heels.
  • For Events
fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, shoes, and velvet image shoes, heels, and blue image fashion, style, and outfit image
Gray, white & black clothes with blue heels.


  • Everyday
Temporarily removed lips, aesthetic, and glitter image
  • At School
  • She hates wearing make-up at school.
  • For Ball
Image removed favorite, sweet, and grey image
  • For Events
makeup, eyes, and beauty image lips, lipstick, and makeup image


quotes, love, and ice image Temporarily removed quotes, words, and kind image quotes, what if, and blue image
She is very cold. She is also kind, clever & quiet. She is a dreamer.


  • Music
music and piccolo image Image removed
She plays flute & piano.
  • Sport(s)
motivation image fitness, healthy lifestyle, and body image
She likes training.
  • Other
book, music, and wallpaper image study, coffee, and book image
She likes listen to music & works.


adventure, aesthetic, and alternative image girl and water image girl, beach, and braid image fruit, voss, and water image
The Air, The Mermaids, sea, thunder & healthy food.


fairy, forest, and magic image galadriel, arwen, and lord of the rings image fire, bike, and grunge image colors, fish, and photography image
The Fairies & The Elves, Fire & Fish.

Favorite Color(s)

travel image

Significant Other

boy image

Old Halloween Costumes

costume, doll, and baddie image Image removed


books, home, and magic image beauty, fashion, and glow image anatomy, college, and doctor image Temporarily removed
She is a Witches's representative, the Air one. She is also a student in a normal school.


Image by Blippy magic image art, crazy, and girly image Temporarily removed
She can controls Air but also got the same powers as all of the Witches.


  • She doesn't have any pet.

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