hey everybody!
long time no see, am i right? today i am here to tell you about my morning routine for school.


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wake up time! every morning i wake up at 7:15 and i lay in bed, playing on my phone for about ten minutes. this is the time i was send out my snapchat streaks cause it's the easiest time to remember to do it.


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now, i make my way into the bathroom and go pee while playing on my phone/checking notifications some more. i'll stay here for about five minutes before washing up my body and face.


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i'm done washing up and now it's time to decide what to wear. i wish i would learn to just choose my clothes the night before but i never do. so, i'm always stuck in about a 20-30 minute dilemma of what to wear.


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even though putting on clothes usually takes longer than 20 minutes, i like to be in the kitchen by eight. here i make a quick breakfast, make sure everything is in my backpack and get ready to go.


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i am out of the house! last year i would leave my house at 8:30 but this year i give my friend a ride to school so i have to go get her first. on tuesdays and thursdays i don't leave to get her until 9:30
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